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Tired of making summaries of medical records?
Stop wasting time writing EHR summaries.
ASYS GPT does it for you.


Get your time back!
Stop wasting time typing EHR records.
MD Copilot writes it for you!


Get help in difficult cases.
The AI-backed suggestions ensure that even the rarest of conditions are considered.

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At DisruptiveMed, we are committed to driving the healthcare industry forward through the unparalleled integration of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.
Join us in shaping the future of healthcare today.

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare with our innovative app solutions. By harnessing the potential of AI, we empower medical professionals to make faster, more accurate diagnoses, optimize treatment plans, and predict patient outcomes. Seamlessly integrated into our platform, AI-driven algorithms are at the forefront of transforming healthcare into a more personalized and efficient experience for both practitioners and patients.


Step into the future of medical training and patient care with our immersive Virtual Reality solutions. Through realistic simulations and interactive scenarios, medical students and professionals can enhance their skills, practice complex procedures, and gain invaluable experience in a risk-free environment. With VR, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, ultimately elevating the standard of care and improving patient safety.


Experience the next frontier of healthcare innovation with our Augmented Reality technology. By overlaying digital information onto the physical world, AR enables medical practitioners to access real-time data during procedures, visualize medical imaging in 3D, and collaborate seamlessly with remote experts. Embrace a new era of precision and efficiency in healthcare, where critical insights are at your fingertips, empowering you to deliver superior patient outcomes.

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artificial intelligence in medicine

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As a busy physician, time is precious, and ASYSGPT for EHR record summarization has become an invaluable tool in my daily practice. It quickly generates comprehensive summaries of patient records, saving me hours of work each day. The accuracy of the information is impressive!

Jaime Derossi, MD

The MD Copilot app has transformed our clinic's workflow. It seamlessly captures and transcribes interactions between doctors and patients, creating detailed and accurate text for our EHR system. This has streamlined our documentation process and improved the overall efficiency of our practice.

Dr. Jennifer Lee Ng

I've tried various AI apps, but none have been as reliable and accurate as ASYSGPT for EHR record summarization. Its ability to condense extensive patient records into concise summaries has been a real time-saver. I can now dedicate more time to patient care and less to administrative tasks. I highly recommend this app to all medical professionals!

Lisa Martinez, MD

As a physician, I'm always looking for ways to enhance patient care and save time. MD Copilot app is a game-changer! It listens to our conversations with patients and generates clear, organized transcriptions that can be easily embedded into our EHR system. It has made note-taking a thing of the past!

Dr. Mark Thompson

Barcelona, Spain


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